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Géraldine Auret


A woman of the South, Géraldine Auret lives and works in Montpellier. Her precocious artistic sensibility, expressed at the age of 17 with her first exhibitions, led her for a time to envisage a career in the arts. Her choices led her to embark on a long course of study in economics...

She never stopped painting and exhibiting, then put her exhibitions on hold to create two businesses and her most beautiful work: her family. After a rich and busy professional career, she now devotes herself to her artistic creation with her "Collections G.".

Self-taught, inspired in her early years by Picasso, Matisse and Viallat, she was influenced, even fascinated, by Japanese prints, starting out with a pen and working on the finesse of the line, the flowers, the motifs of her silky dresses and the contours of the shapes...

She has retained certain aesthetic principles: the simplification of forms, a taste for sinuous lines, the abandonment of perspective and a love of bright colors.


Her paintings reflect her spirituality, her emotions and her strong love of life.

Starting with a drawing of a sensual nude woman from the back, I simplified the line to the extreme to leave room for the imagination, freeing myself from shapes, shadows and perspective. The form represents such a strong emotion that it stands on its own.

The G is a woman, whoever she is, accomplished, fulfilled and free. She lives life to the full, in harmony with what she does, who she is, and what she creates... The Gs represent intense femininity and sensuality.

The movements, the zooms, the pure, strong colors exalt the motif and give it a posture, a meaning, a true nature.

There is no conclusion to the creation of G., but the possibility of an original repetition, incredibly different and infinite on each canvas. My recent travels around the world have made me discover and rediscover the color blue and the waves have led me to these movements which are today the fruit of my research and my work by associating my G.

I want the G. to be a gateway to the imagination, to dreaming about this form, and for repetition and color to amplify that imagination.

To see the work in infinite time and space, without constraints, without being able to grasp the beginning or the end.

Each identical G. is nonetheless unique, has a posture, a meaning, an original emotion... it lives to bring happiness to those who look at it.


Positive & supportive approach

Every year, I participate in several auctions in favour of charities working with sick children. A percentage of all sales is also donated to these associations. 


Since January 2023, Co-founder and Vice-President of the MESDAMES artists' collective.

This collective brings together enterprising artists in the service of an ambitious project to be more visible on the national and international contemporary art scene.

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